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Ella glared, “Y U BE MEAN TO ME?” she cried, and Alex grinned. “BECAUSE I CAN BE”. They ran down several streets, and Ella’s hand grabbed something. Picking up said object, she found a wild HUNGARY!
The wild HUNGARY used FRYING PAN on a wild PRUSSIA!
It was super effective.
The PRUSSIA has fainted!
“You two can’t run forever~” a heavily accented voice called. Alex and Ella frowned. ‘YES WE CAN”  Alex called. The younger brunette smiled. “ALEX I SEE PEETA!” “WHERE! DNSBDFKJDSGFDKAESYHF”
Alex smacked her on the back of the head. “Y U SO MEAN?” she asked, doing a ; n ; face.
Then they crashed into a tall dude.
Oh no! A wild RUSSIA has appeared! RUSSIA is angry! RUSSIA used KOLKOL + METAL FAUCET PIPE!
A wild ALEX and a wild ELLA both fainted!
And s
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The first time she had seen him – well, after all the times he had actually been present – was at one of the World Meetings. He was sitting in the corner, wearing a coat and a patient smile, violet eyes hidden behind glasses.
He had never spoken during these conferences, and she wondered who he was – She had never gotten his name, though she was certain he was a country. She had never talked to him, her bruder wouldn’t allow it. She wonder why, because he seemed nice enough. When she looked at him, he’d flash a sweet smile her way.
She couldn’t help but go red when he did that, but she didn’t know why. She had never had these feelings before; her bruder had always sheltered her.
One day as she was walking about the village with him, she decided to ask about the boy. “Big Bruder?” she asked, earning a look from the Swiss. “What is it Liechtenstein?” he replied, and the girl swallowed. “That boy with the
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What. by EpicLemon What. :iconepiclemon:EpicLemon 1 0 what the fuq is this? by EpicLemon what the fuq is this? :iconepiclemon:EpicLemon 0 2 Pffffft by EpicLemon Pffffft :iconepiclemon:EpicLemon 4 2 TMM screenshot meme by EpicLemon TMM screenshot meme :iconepiclemon:EpicLemon 3 1 PGSM screenshot meme by EpicLemon PGSM screenshot meme :iconepiclemon:EpicLemon 4 1 Screenshot meme by EpicLemon Screenshot meme :iconepiclemon:EpicLemon 6 0 Fanfiction writing meme by EpicLemon Fanfiction writing meme :iconepiclemon:EpicLemon 0 0
Sample: ShadowxMylenexVolt
bite my lip,looking at two pictures. Which one should I choose? I
turn to the one on my left. Shadow.
He was funny, and jester like, and I have to admit, he did make me
laugh on the inside.
But he was foolish and cocky, unlike me. I turn the the picture on my
right. Volt.

He was possibly one of the only sane ones, not to mention he was my
friend and shoulder to lean on. But he was soft and full of honour
and rights, unlike me. I sigh. Which one? I loved them both.
I throw the two
photos outside and stalk out of my room, actually showing hints of
sadness and confusion. This was wrong. I was the cold, beautiful,
Mylene Pharoah. I didn't need emotions. I sigh and slide down to the
ground, my head between my knees. Who could I turn to? I remember all
the antics with the Vexos. Shadow and Volt were out of the question.
I distrusted Hydron, he was sly. Lync was too childish. Not him. I
remember Spectra and Gus. They had recently gotten together, they
knew what love wa
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Imagination by EpicLemon Imagination :iconepiclemon:EpicLemon 1 1 Rainbows by EpicLemon Rainbows :iconepiclemon:EpicLemon 3 0


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so i'm gonna spam you guys with my tumblr
lol ok bye
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lol what hi
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uh hi guys
i'm ella, um
i like to watch rugby. i like to pay attention to the players.
i wanna hug lucas gonzalez amorosino he's perffff ok
we deserved to win last year i think asgdhjgscfjdhsfdfgb
oh um.. i like The Hunger Games, Tumblr, um, Rugby, and sometimes Hetalia
lol ok bye


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